What Clients Say

"Nina was incredibly helpful to me when I moved here from Cleveland. Starting graduate school, breaking up with my boyfriend, and moving to a new city not knowing a soul was completely overwhelming. Having a chance to sort through all these changes gave me a fresh perspective, and, most of all, the confidence I needed to handle them. Thank you Nina!"
— Karen B.

"With Nina's guidance and support, I was able to get past the sadness and inertia I was feeling following my mother's death last year. I'm actually enjoying doing things again and even planned a trip (solo!) for the fall."
— Cindy G.

"I'd been living and working in the area for a long time and still felt all alone. Meeting women was always hard and most dating experiences were a complete disaster. With a lot of encouragement from a co-worker, I finally made the call for counseling. Nina helped me understand how I was interacting with people and suggested new ways to approach relationships. I don't want to jinx it, but I've been dating a woman for 6 months now and it's feeling good."
— Steve S.

"I'm finally able to eat like a 'normal' person and not exercise like a maniac! I can't tell you how grateful I am to you, Nina."
— Natalie N.

"I'm a single parent of a 15 year old boy who up until a year ago was an "angel." I knew I needed some advice and guidance when he started spending more and more time in his room and his grades began to drop. He seemed depressed but didn't want to talk to me about anything. Nina put me at ease immediately and gave me hope. She knew a lot about teenagers and was able to "coach" me on ways to parent him without pushing him away even further. Now my son has a therapist of his own and I see Nina every once in a while for a tune-up."
— Sandy W.

"Nina's so approachable... her relaxed style, wisdom, and humor have been a godsend during some tough times."
— Phil T.

"My husband had been laid off after 25 years on the job. The timing couldn't have been worse with my oldest leaving for college. My husband became seriously depressed, I was a wreck, and tensions were sky high. Despite his initial resistance, he finally agreed to counseling, and actually started to like it. We've moved beyond the shame and blame to a place of support and understanding. Now he just needs a job and to get out of the house!"
— Elaine R.

"I came to therapy completely defeated. I had tried every possible diet and exercise program to manage my weight, only to gain and lose the same 30 lbs. many times over. By working with Nina I discovered that the answer wasn't in finding the "perfect" diet at all, but in learning how to deal with my emotions without turning to food. I'm no longer reacting to every little thing by stuffing my face! And (surprise, surprise) the weight is coming off!"
— Annie S.